Sunday, July 16, 2017

Jay Jackson's Duff Tweed Illustrations from the 1960's

Hello Duff Tweed Collectors and Fans!

It's time to share one of Duff's drawings with you.  The owner of these, Jay, wrote to me in December of 2016, but only just realized today that he had not clicked "send" on his reply to me, so he just replied today. Thank you Jay!

Jay's father knew Duff Tweed and apparently Duff drew these for Jay and them put them away in a 1967 Dodgers Yearbook.

Here is Jay’s story as it was shared with me:


I was going through my Dad’s estate and among the multiple of collectibles he had, I found a Duff Tweed drawing that my dad had placed in a 1967 Dodger Yearbook.

I am guessing it was drawn for me on a piece of lined notebook paper... not signed but printed his name “Duff Tweed was here.  Big. Deal.” and then had his phone #.

My dad owned a packaging company in Sun Valley from 1957 till 2006, and may have met Duff through the business, but my best guess is that they probably met through the Dodger’s Stadium Club and the multiple “safari’s” they had going to spring training.

I saw your blog and figured I would reach out and see if you thought it had any value and if you are not interested, maybe give me an idea if it would have any value other than sentimental.

I can send you a scan of it if you would like. More or less I was just reaching out initially to gauge interest.

Hope to hear from you,

Jay Jackson

These drawings are what Duff typically drew on the back of some of his carvings.  Neat to see them done on a piece of paper still very much in tact.  So, without any further fanfare, here are Jay’s Disney character illustrations done by none other than the man himself, Duff Tweed!

I know I was long overdue to post here, so it's funny that a collector who originally wrote to me over one and a half years ago sparked the creation of this post, today. Want to send a huge shout out to Jay Jackson for sharing his cool Duffy illustration with the world! Awesome Jay! 

Hope you are all staying cool as we are experiencing a heatwave across the United States. Be happy, be safe and enjoy life to the fullest!  Be back soon!

All the best!


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