Sunday, July 16, 2017

Is there a Doctor in the House? The Nurse Who Knew Duff Tweed

We're baaaaack.  Yep, it's feast or famine here at Duff Tweed Carvings and today is the feast. Eat up!...the Duffy eye candy!

After having not written for six months this is now our third blog entry today.  Shortly after posting Jay's Disney illustrations in the first post of the day, we received another amazing Duffy pencil drawing.  I say there are no coincidences in life, so something is building here...excitement. 

Tonight Lisa was kind enough to share her Duff Tweed illustration of her mother which is signed by none other than the guy who keeps giving, Duffield Tweed. Now, for all I know, Lisa's mother ran the hospital, but we liked The Nurse Who Knew Duff Tweed, as it has a warm feel to it.

Lisa shared the following along with the pencil drawing:


I found your blog when I started doing some research on a pencil drawing of my mother by the artist Duff Tweed. I am wondering if you could possibly verify the Duff Tweed carvings artist is the same person who drew my mother. The drawing (attached) is on the back of a patient form from the St. Joseph Hospital in Burbank, CA, sometime in the late 1940's or 1950's. The hospital is across the street from Disney Studio's and Walt Disney used to visit the children at the hospital. Just knowing the history adds to my treasure box of precious items that belonged to my parents. Thank you so much for taking time to look at this.


I then replied and Lisa replied once again allowing me to share this with you.

Hi Joe,

What a quick reply!  Thank you so much for clarifying that for me.  I don't plan to sell it, I just wanted to know who the artist was. My mom worked at St. Joseph Hospital for many years and met so many people from the Walt Disney Studio. I would be honored if you posted the story about my mom's drawing. Let me know when it's posted, I'm going to share it on FB, and maybe fit it into my blog.  


Thank you Lisa, we all truly appreciate your sentiment and that you cared enough to share.

Now without further adieu, "Lisa's Mom" or "The Nurse Who Knew Duff Tweed" as illustrated by Duff Tweed from around 50 years ago:
I love how the Hospital Letterhead shows through from the other side. Lisa's Mom was beautiful! Duff thought so too!
So, for Lisa's questions, I verified this is an authentic Duff Tweed pencil drawing after having seen enough to recognize his signature and style.  This drawing does look different, but Duff drew with emotion, and depending on the subject matter and time in his life, each drawing shows a different level of focus and detail. It's his work.  He always paid the most attention to detail in the eyes; for his illustrations and carvings. 

UPDATE: It appears Lisa is quite the blogger in her own right!  Check out her blog for the accurate story of her Mom's employment past including a photo of her. I think Duff captured her likeness quite well.  What do you think? Click here:

Making a tremendous Shout Out to Lisa for sharing a part of her life and one of her most precious prized possessions with all of us.  Thank you Lisa!!!

Be back back later?  WHO KNOWS, BUT WE'LL BE BACK!

All the best!

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