Sunday, November 13, 2011

Duff Tweed's 1969 Wall Street Hobo mixing it up with the Brokers

Hi.  Glad you could come and stay for a while.  Hope you enjoy your visit.   It's a little early, but Happy Thanksgiving 2011 to you.  Even though times are tough, we still have so much for which to be thankful.  May your hearts be warm,  your tummies full and may you be in the company of loved ones.

We are thankful that we created this blog for more reasons than we ever imagined.  When collecting, one becomes part researcher, part historian and part trader.  One has to be knowledgeable in their chosen field in order to build a collection worth having. We have found the most wonderful part of collecting is in meeting fellow collectors and hearing their stories.  This entire blog has been built primarily on word of mouth and online research.  That is, people sharing their stories and recollecting their direct and indirect experiences with Duff Tweed.  We're proud to say that all the Duff Tweed collectors we have come across each have one thing in common; they are extremely NICE people.  Each collector has been willing to share their time, their experiences, their Duff Tweed carving(s) and their memories to make this place what it is today.  Once again, we have communicated with yet another nice and informative Duff Tweed carving collector.  Leo wrote to us today from Florida and this is his story how he came to own Duff Tweed's 1969 Wall Street Hobo.

Leo, who now lives in Florida is 79 years of age.  He got his Duff Tweed carving back in 1969, when he was 37 and here's how he did so.  It's amazing to think that was over 42 years ago!  His piece still looks great!!!

After helping his stock broker friend John Rutner, of the stock brokerage firm of Rutner, Jackson and Gray here in Los Angeles, John asked Leo what could he do to repay the favor for helping close a business deal.  Leo didn’t really want anything, but while standing in John's office he noted and asked for the Duff Tweed carving hanging in Mr. Rutner's office.  John happily gave it to Leo and that is how Leo came to own the Wall Street Hobo pictured below.  Leo worked for Hentz and Co. , another stock brokerage firm located in Los Angeles.  Hentz and Co. first merged into Shearson Lehman then merged again to become Morgan Stanley/Smith Barney. Bet you never heard of Hentz and Company, but we all know Morgan Stanley/Smith Barney.

Now let's take a look at Leo's Wall Street Hobo from 1969.  Leo's timing of sharing this piece is superb as it directly coincides with the craziest stock market and economic fluctuations we have seen in decades.
Leo took these pictures with a 2 to 3 megapixel camera, so we apologize for the light graininess you see in the photos, but we're so pleased to have them to share with you.

Duff did not often sign the front of these specially prepared backgrounds, which makes it somewhat special.  Additionally, Duff personally dedicated this piece to John Rutner.  Below are the pictures Leo shared of the back of the piece.
The back reads as follows:
Dear John:
I am delighted you are able to give this bum a home!
I hope you never imitate him!
Thank you for your appreciation.
Duff Tweed
(Duff included his address and telephone number at the time . . . did you notice there's no three digit prefix before the telephone number?)

Sending a big SHOUT OUT to Leo in Florida for his willingness to share his prized Duff Tweed 1969 Wall Street Hobo carving and the history behind his piece.  We appreciate you Leo!  Enjoy your carving in the best of health!

Looking forward to bringing you more Duffy delights as time marches on!

All the best!