Monday, February 29, 2016

Two Wall Street Hobo's Who Have Been Together Since The 1960's's been a looooong time since we last posted to the Duff Tweed Carvings blog, but we're back and fired up.  We will be posting several way overdue stories with pictures for you to enjoy.

This set of two Wall Street Hobo's come to us from Long Beach, CA.  Duff lived in southern California for many years and would sell his unique carvings to local businesses in the area.  Hobos were certainly one of his most favorite subjects to carve and bring to life.

Phyllis M. was kind enough to share her two carvings which she acquired from her father upon his passing.  She wrote to us to inquire about their present value.  We replied immediately, but finally had an opportunity to share her words with you: 

"These two pieces were purchased by my father from Duff Tweed when he came into his business in Long Beach in the mid 1960's.  They hung in his office until he passed and I grabbed them.  I am curious as to the value even though they are sentimental and I have no intention of selling them.
Thank you, Phyllis M."

Please enjoy the pictures below of these two wonderful carvings generously shared by Phyllis in memory of her Father who had the honor of meeting the master Duff Tweed, himself over 50 years ago!

Wall Street Hobos - Shared by Phyllis M. in 2015

It's been a pleasure coming back to Duff Tweed Carvings to share more stories and pictures from our fellow collectors and lovers of Duff Tweed art.  Big shout out and thanks to Phyllis M. for sharing and caring! May you each have a wonderful day, living in and enjoying every moment of peace that life has to offer.  We'll be back real soon!

All the best!