Thursday, February 1, 2018

Full Color Duff Tweed Illustrations - A Real Treat

Hello Duff Tweed collectors and those who just appreciate his work!

I am so overdue to post this and several additional super cool Duffy finds.  Feels like I worked a 60 hour week in 4 days, but I couldn't let you down any longer.  Several Facebook friends have been pushing for this, so here it is...just for you.

Back in early October 2017, I came across four very unique illustrations all done by our good friend Duff Tweed.  Funny to say that, as we never met, but through his art I feel an affinity to him.  For the past couple of years, I've only been acquiring art by Duff that I do not already own.  I pass on many pieces come across to a fellow collector friend in Simi Valley, CA.  He has been collecting longer than I, so I like to help him build up his collection as well.  When I started collecting Mr. Tweed's work, I literally bought everything that became available.  Fast forward to today; I simply cannot do that any longer.  No time, money is tight (for almost everyone) and putting a child through school and college drains the purse strings.  No, I don't carry around a purse. :-)

When I came upon these four unique illustrations in color and not Duff's typical pencil drawings, I'll admit I went Duffy crazy!  The gentleman (Max) I picked these up from had them as a result of losing his brother.  So the acquisition was bittersweet.  Something many of you do not know is I am also a hands on energy healer and a medium.  So upon learning of Max's loss, I offered to share my gifts in the hopes of alleviating some of his pain, but coming from a stranger I think the offer was too much and possibly out of left field. Max however was very kind throughout the process.

Below is our exchange:

My note on Ebay to Max:  
I'm interested in the four illustrations you have by Duff Tweed. I own a few already with several carvings by Duff. I'm making an offer of $X each, but will purchase all 4 for $X total. I've been buying his carvings and illustrations for years. I collect for the pure love of his wood carvings. Thought these would be nice to add to the collection. I will wait to receive your reply.

Max replied quite quickly: 
I will accept your offer. I'd rather they go as a lot and to someone who has an affinity for Duff. You see these belonged to my brother and he loved them so I think he'd rather they stay together than get broken up individually. What I will do is create a new listing for all four for $X and I thank you for your business and also for taking the time to write what you did; it made it easy for me to pass them along to someone who will appreciate them.

All the best,

As you can see, parting with them was like parting with a piece of his brother, so I'm sending a huge shout out and thank you to Max!  Thank you Max, a part of your brother now lives with me!

Apparently Duff created these pieces back in the 1940's, way before I was born. As you will see in the captions, each picture was of a famous person.  Remember, Duff was from Canada so these are personalities from our northern neighbors. 

Without any more fanfare, I present to you Duff Tweed's four full color illustrations...
John W. Defoe - Editor - Winnipeg Free Press

Louis- Alexandre Taschereau - 14th Premier of Quebec

Sir Charles Gordon

Sir William Mulock - Lt. Governor Ontario
I'm not going to put my two cents in for each illustration.  I simply love them and think they're super cool.  Duff, where ever you are in this great universe; we all thank you for your dedication, artistic flare and sense of humor!

Folks, I have two more owners of Duff's carvings to share with you but saving them for a future post. Alright, let's get real, they're from last year and I need to get my lazy butt to write them too. LOL

Wishing you each love in your hearts, food in your bellies and ease in your lives!

All the best!