Sunday, July 16, 2017

Ebay is Loaded with Wood Carvings by Duff Tweed

Hello again...said I'd be back soon, but this a record for me...LOL  Just feel like I haven't shared enough with the loyal Duffy fans out there so I'm serving up another post immediately.  Enjoy!

I have noticed for quite some time that the number of Duff Tweed carvings listed on Ebay has greatly increased.  One used to visit and see three, maybe four of his pieces at most.  Today there are NINE listings for Duffy carvings and one is a set of three golfers on one single frame.  Since it's golf season (when is it not? *smile*), I decided to start with the three golfer carvings. Following them are four hobos, Double Jigger Jack Grant and a Boatman with a life preserver.  If you are interested in getting your Duffy collection started or simply want to add to your existing collection, this would be a great time to do so. Check out Ebay!

So, to get us started...F O R E !
Love this golfer! Reminds me of my 88 year old friend/instructor who passed on a few years back. Miss you Warren! Ebay asking $230.

This golfer is awesome. Dig his stogie and long socks. Ebay asking $215.

Awesome trio of carved golfers. Have seen this set before, but it's more rare than most of the other golf sets from Duff. Ebay asking $500.
Now it's hobo time.  Duff often took a similar carving and in some cases gave it a name and in others simply wrote "Duff Tweed".  Two of these were titles The Low Bidder while the other two fall into the no title category:
Ebay $139.95
Ebay $290 OBO

Ebay $400 OBO
Ebay $499.99 OBO

Alrighty now, it's time for a little hooch and Jack's Old Mule would definitely be categorized as hooch! . Hehehe.  Here's yours and my old friend Double Jigger Jack Grant:
Ebay $250 OBO
Last but not least, protector of those on the water is Duff Tweed's Man with a Life Preserver.  I am sure Duff gave him an actual name, but we have yet to find someone who knows what it is. 
Ebay $215 OBO.  I just saw Planet of the Apes and this guy could definitely be a stand in for Ceasar. Haha
Well, I truly hope you enjoyed the Ebay review of Duff Tweed carvings available there.

Wishing you each a safe and happy remainder of your July 2017.  Hoping to be back in a few to share more Duffy tales.

All the best!


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