Friday, July 27, 2012

A Trio of Duff Tweed's Carvings sell today on Ebay


We have been watching and bidding on a set of three Duff Tweed carvings, two of which we have never seen before.  After being contacted by a fellow collector, we bowed out of the bidding and allowed him to add them to his collection.  Final sale price was $405 for the set of three.

This post will be short and sweet.  Just wanted to share these three with you.

The first carving is one we have seen several times in the past.  It is titled "The Low Bidder" and you can see it below.

Next we have a piece that is just perfect.  How many times have you had a conversation with the boss? Pictured below is Duff Tweed's "Nothing Serious, The Boss and I just had a Short Chat".  It doesn't take a trained eye to see he literally had his ass chewed out (or should we say bitten off!?!). What a great piece!

The third piece in the collection is also a work related piece titled "He Wants it When?" where it looks like our hero is rushing somewhere and holds a paper in his pocket that says "Rush".

All three pieces are signed "Duff Tweed" on the lower left and "Pasadena" on the lower right.  A very neat set of three Duff Tweed carvings.

These original, never before seen carvings by Duff Tweed continue to pop out of the woodwork.  It is very exciting and rewarding to discover so many new pieces carved and designed by Duff Tweed.

Please continue to send us your Duffy stories and pictures of your works of art!

All the best!