Saturday, August 25, 2012

Duff Tweed's Our Fearless Leader from Reuben

Hello and welcome back to Tweedom online!  :-)  Hope you are had a wonderful summer.  Time certainly is flying by.  What's new?  Not a lot here, but we have one neat carving to share with you.

We recently heard from Reuben H. who after seeing one of our more recent posts was kind enough to share his Duff Tweed carving with us.  We replied to Reuben asking if he would like to share his Duffy story as to how he came to own his "Our Fearless Leader" carving..  We have not heard back yet, but if we do, we will edit this post to include his story.

The timing is wonderful for this as our fearless leader, Barack Obama could probably use a swig or two of the hootch!  Truly crazy times we're living in as we at Duff Tweed Carvings applaud President Obama's efforts in attempting to bring this country back to its previous greatness.  Very tough to do when a Republican majority house and senate vote down every good bill put forth to them, or slip in horrific riders that only serve to strengthen the money and power controlled by the richest 1% of our nation.  You are about to see the largest smear campaign against a President in the history of the U.S..  Republican billionaire controlled Romney or more commonly referred to as Rmoney has over a billion dollar advertising war chest to spend between now and November 6, 2012.  Sheldon Adelson promised another billion to assure his win so Romney can "pardon" him for Adelson's illegal acts including money laundering .  Today, it's all about how much money you have and how much control you can buy with it!  Sorry for going off as you are here to read about Duff's carvings.  I apologize for taking advantage of my small, yet consistently followed pulpit.  Want to laugh?  See picture below of Rmoney:
Probably the biggest political Freudian slip in modern history!

Moving on . . .
Below are four pictures taken by Reuben of Duff Tweed's "Our Fearless Leader":  

When we see all these carvings of drunks, it makes me wonder how much Duff drank.  He did many carvings of golfers for which we are aware of 17 unique golf carvings and we know Duff was a lover of golf.  We also know from a previous neighbor of Mr. Tweed that Duff enjoyed carving and sipping his gin in the warm Southern California evenings.  We know of at least 8-10 carvings by Duff that portray characters drinking or are simply sauced! So, what does this tell us?  Duff golfed twice as much as he drank!  *laugh* In the 1950's and 60's men drank, not boys, but men!  Nowadays, men have ulcers and boys go "clubbing". *hehehe*   There is something about times gone by that seems more real, more substantive.  Also, we don't trust a guy who doesn't have a vice.  He's hiding something.

Here are two additional pictures shared by Reuben of Duff Tweed's "Our Fearless Leader":

Want to give a big SHOUT OUT to Reuben H. for taking the time to share his wonderful Duff Tweed carving with the world.  Reuben, we would love to hear more from you and add it to this blog entry. Thank you once again.

Wishing everyone a wonderful last week of summer and positive vibes for a great remainder of the year!

All the best!