Sunday, December 26, 2010

Duff Tweed's Three Golfers Sold on Ebay - Short and Sweet

Happy Holidays to all.  Hope you have enjoyed them. 

Feeling a bit tired and lazy after Christmas, but wanted to share a recent sale of a signed and dated 1964 set of three carved golfers by Duff Tweed.   One of the cleanest sets we have seen!

The seven day auction on Ebay ended December 22, 2010 for a total of $161.50 plus shipping.  There were four bidders who placed a total of 10 bids.  The carving was sold out of San Diego, CA.  Duff Tweed Carvings did not bid on this set as we own several and really wanted to see another collector end up with this set of three golfers. 

Below is a picture of the set copied from the Ebay listing:
This set is done in Duff's classic colors and looks to be extremely well cared for.  It even has both original wood golf clubs which are missing from many sets.

Please come back soon and see our latest and greatest find.  We are waiting to receive two Hobo carvings NEVER SEEN IN THIS BLOG.  One has significant damage to the face while the other has some small damage to his hand, but they're new to us!

We're always excited to share new Duff Tweed carvings as we discover them and would happily welcome your finds and stories! 

See you soon!
All the best!