Sunday, November 17, 2013

Robin of Pittsburgh is gifted: Early Set of Slaughterhouse Four and Seated Guitarist Lamp

Howdy Partners!

Welcome back and it’s great to be back here sharing some great Duffy carvings.  Hope all of you had a wonderful remainder of your summer.  Winter is quickly approaching (here for some of you already) and with it, we are seeing a lot of Duff Tweed activity.

This entry is solely dedicated to Robin in Pittsburgh, PA.  Robin is a true collector of Duff Tweed carvings.  What does that mean?  Well, many folks inherit carvings that were simply passed down to them.  They accept them passively from the preceding generation of family or friends.  Robin actually loved these carvings and lamp for years and finally was able to obtain them through her in-laws by expressing her love of Duff’s work.  We actually think she saved them from being discarded and can’t wait for you to see them below, for we think they are fantastic too! 

Before we share Robin’s story, please take some time in reviewing her set of the Slaughterhouse Four.  Each carving is on a separate frame.  Note how different these frames are than most of the ones displayed in this blog.  Then look at the backs of each carving where Duff wrote a small description of each character he carved.  We believe these to be a very early set of the Slaughterhouse Four.  The double colored wood/stain, the different facial expression of some of the band members and the hand written description placed directly on the wood backs, make this a special set indeed. 

Immediately following the Slaughterhouse Four compilation of photos, we have a seated guitarist lamp also carved by Duff Tweed.  We have only seen one other seated guitarist lamp and our fellow collector friend over in Simi Valley obtained that same piece over 20 years ago.  So we know there are at least two of them out there.  

Collecting Duff Tweed carvings is like going on a treasure hunt.  When you find a new piece or that he carved more than one of a particular carving, you get that same excited feeling you got the first day you discovered Duff and his work.  How many things in life make you feel this way?

Here’s what Robin had to say in her own words:
“Dear Joe,
My 80+ year old in-laws were downsizing and getting rid of many things.  I had long coveted these carvings and some of their furniture that seemed to match.  So they gave them to me with their downsizing and I started to research them.

I came across your blog and was thrilled to find out their history.  It appears that I received a set of the Slaughterhouse Four, all apparently hand signed by Duff Tweed.  I also have a carved lamp that is in excellent condition.

My mother-in-law said she received them from her father-in-law, Paul T., who was a toy salesman in the 50s, 60, and 70s.  I'm guessing they were obtained in the 50s.  Don't know any other history than this.  But I think they are so cool and wanted to share.

If you want to, I'm happy to talk about them if you have more information.
My cell is 555-555-5555. (Sorry, have to protect my fellow collectors so we used that old movie telephone number)

Robin T.”

Without further delay, we proudly present Robin’s Slaughterhouse Four . . .

First there's Fat Henderson . . .

Then Old Dad Peterson . . .

Next we have Slim Reese . . .
Just love his Disneyesque facial expression - different from other Slim's we have seen.

And last but not least, Dusty Harris . . .
Note the cigarette in his mouth. Early versions have the cigarette.

What a wonderful collection of the Slaughterhouse Four!

Now for the only once before seen Duff Tweed’s seated Guitarist lamp . . .
Such a cool lamp.  We want one too! *laugh*

We are making a super big shout out from West Coast to East Coast to Robin.  We love her carvings!  We love her enthusiasm for Duff’s carvings and we love that she shared her collection with the world.  Thank you Robin!  May you enjoy your wonderful set and lamp for many years to come.

All the best!