Monday, October 31, 2011

Tennis with Duff Tweed on Halloween? Brenda says YES!

Welcome back and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

It's an interesting and a bit unsettling period of history we're experiencing in the world.  The 99%ers are camping out at financial hubs all over the world demonstrating for a more equal distribution of wealth.  After watching the stock market plummet since April, it's showing some of the largest growth ever seen in history.  However, if you're broke, how do you take advantage of the growth?  World economies are sliding negatively and Republicans are abusing the media for their own personal benefits.  It is truly amazing what democratic President Obama has made happen in the midst of a Republican majority in the House of Representatives. Real change is coming and I hope we can all weather the storm.  OK, enough shaking you up . . . let's move on to a new Duffy collector who has made their presence known.

We received an email today from Brenda who owns Duff Tweed's Tennis Player which is officially titled, "Damn I'm Good!".   Below is the first picture Brenda sent us:

Brenda mentioned she had researched Duff Tweed's carvings ten years ago and was able to find nothing on the topic.  Brenda also confirmed that current sale prices for Duff Tweed carvings are ridiculously inexpensive and attributes it to the lack of common knowledge about this wonderful artist.  Below we have included Brenda's email note along with a second picture of "Damn I'm Good!"

Fifteen years ago my partner worked for a company that went bankrupt after 30 years, the owner had three of Duff Tweeds carvings and gave them to the three girls who had been there the longest, he had 2 of the golfers, and the tennis player.  We have the tennis player, picture enclosed.  About 10 years ago I went online looking for Duff Tweed or any info with nothing to be found.  Don't know why, but I thought about it again today and lo and behold I found you.  I just knew this couldn't be the only carving around.  So glad someone has taken the interest in this mans work.  Being a woodworker myself, I find it beautiful to look at.  I just wanted to share this picture with you and let you know there are more of us out there.  Just a note, the selling prices in ebay are disgusting, people are apparently not aware of the history they have.

We don't think Brenda could have said it any better.  These Duff Tweed carvings are hidden treasures!  Some are hiding in your grandparents attic and others are hidden away in storage units.  

We thank Brenda for sharing her carving, her knowledge and the history on how they obtained this particular piece.  We really love how most of these carvings are passed down from friends and family to younger generations.

Now for a Lil' Halloween fun.  Our neighbors came up with such an apropos Halloween theme this year, we just had to share it with you.  Earlier we referred to the 99%ers who are camping out at various financial centers all over the world.  The world majority is tired of such an unequal balance of wealth and it's starting to feel like 1776 all over again.  The claim which seems to be fact is that 1% of the people control 99% of the wealth.  Or conversely 99% of the people live and exist on 1% of the wealth and resources available worldwide.  While this is the most serious of issues, our neighbors planned their Halloween theme to honor the 99%ers!  Thank you Spencer and Amy!!!  A truly creative and wonderful gesture!   
Check out the pictures below:

The 1%ers!
We mixed it up a bit for Halloween, but managed to share another wonderful collector and a good sentiment this Halloween for the kids!  It's all about the kids!  They are the future!  Don't trick 'em, treat 'em right!

Thank you sincerely for your visit and can't wait to share our next Duffalicious tale!

All the best!