Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Demand for Duff Tweed Carvings Increases - Ebay Sale June 3, 2014

Hello fellow Duffy collectors! 

After a bit of a dry spell this year we just witnessed an Ebay sale of three golfer carvings on one single frame by our favorite carver, Duff Tweed.

We are very excited about this purchase for a number of reasons.

First off, there were SIX individual Ebay bidders for the set:

Bidder/Rating          Bid Amount
u***2 (137)                 $128.50
r***9 (391)                  $126.00
t***e (452)                    $78.00
h***d (1092)                 $59.59
u***s (1651)                 $55.00
k***o (492)                   $09.99

We’re additionally excited about this sale because the final sale price was $128.50 plus $24 shipping and handling for a total of $152.50.  That equates to over $50 per carving for golfer carvings available in abundance as these golfers were Duff’s most common carvings.  We own multiple sets of the same golfers.

What may have driven up the interest on this particular set was the Donald Duck illustration drawn by Mr. Tweed on the back of the frame. 
The carvings, frame, back paper and illustration are all in excellent condition adding to the demand and final sale price.

We’re hoping to have more Duffy carvings to share with you as this year progresses.

Wishing you a wonderful summer wherever you are, enjoying life to the fullest.

All the best!

P.S. We have had several readers email us inquiring about the colors we use in our posts.  We most often use the same colors that Duff utilized in painting his carvings... a little tidbit of info. for you curious readers. Thank you for writing and noticing. :-)