Sunday, October 17, 2010

Will the real Jack Harris step forward? - Comparing Duff Tweed Carvings

Happy October Folks!  Halloween is quickly approaching.  How time does go by. . .

It's been a great year for the Duff Tweed Carvings collection.  This year we introduced you to approximately 26 or so unique Duff Tweed carvings.  While admiring the collection, I always take the time to look at the differences in duplicate carvings done by Duff.  No two are ever exactly the same.  Since the Slaughterhouse Four seems to be such a popular set and theme for Duff Tweed collectors, today you have the opportunity to look at three carvings of the same figure, "Jack Harris" and see the noticable and subtle differences in each carving.
This is the Jack Harris carved in 1950. Besides the cigarette unique to this carving, there are additional ink applications for eye, moustache and sideburns.  This Jack Harris' face even looks wider than the next two that follow.  He is the most different Jack Harris I have seen to date. Look closely and you'll notice many differences in individual carves between this one and the next two.

This version of Jack is the darkest of the three.  He came with a set of the Slaughterhouse Four with three characters on one frame and the final carved character on his own frame.  This one and the Jack Harris below look most similar to one another.  As you look closely though, you'll see differences in chins, eyes, suspender strap, scarf knots and more.

This version of Duff Tweed's Jack Harris carving came from a set of the Slaughterhouse Four which were all individually famed on worm wood frames.  They are smoother than the other ones I have seen.  Note the differences from the previous two carvings shown.  They look similar, but are not identical.
Take a look below and please compare for yourself:
I could continue to point out every difference from carving to carving, but I think some of the fun in looking at Duff Tweed carvings is finding those differences on your own.

Happy Fall 2010!  Wishing you all the best!


Saturday, October 2, 2010

Ebay Auction: Duff Tweed's Jack Harris – World Champion Bronco Buster and member of the Slaughterhouse Four

You don’t know Jack?

 This Duff Tweed carving of Jack Harris sold on Ebay in auction on October 2, 2010 for $190.50 plus shipping. We captured the pictures below from the sellers listing while it was still active on Ebay. There were a total of 7 bidders who made a total of 14 bids! $190 is normally a very good price for a piece that was damaged and covered in white paint specks. However, this piece is actually pretty unique.

Looking below you can see good ‘ol Jack Harris is sporting a moustache, sideburns and even has a cigarette in his mouth. If you go back and look at all the other carvings of Jack Harris in the Slaughterhouse Four, he does not have a cigarette or any markings.

At first, I suspected someone had played around with this carving, but the cigarette looks authentic and I think Duff was having a good time working on this carving.

The seller noted previous damage as follows: “He has some paint specks on his face, he is dusty, he is missing a small amount of his scarf which stuck out past his shoulder also his right arm has been repaired quite well at one time (re-glued).”

Now, normally one of these would sell for $100 according to recent sales, but this one holds some other unique qualities. The back of this one is signed “Duff Tweed 1950”, making this one of his very early Slaughterhouse Four carvings. I almost wonder if it’s the first.

In addition to the dated “1950” signature, this carving shows wood grain I haven’t seen in any other Duff Tweed carving.  Take a close look below at the grain of the wood in the left leg of Jack Harris.  It’s difficult to tell if it’s the grain of the wood or if it’s the paintbrush strokes from a shellac or preservative.
What I actually noticed first, but am mentioning last was Jack’s suspenders, chaffs, and boots were all done in a darker color/stain, once again unique to this particular Duff Tweed carving of Jack Harris, World Champion Bronco Buster and member of the Slaughterhouse Four from Mesa, Arizona.
Hope you enjoyed seeing one of Duff’s earlier carvings in what now seems to be a very popular area of interest for collectors, Cowboys and Bull Riders of the West.

All the best!