Saturday, September 18, 2010

New Duff Tweed Carvings - "Damn I'm Good" (tennis player) - Yachtsman with Flags - Wall Street Journal Hobo

This is double posting day!

Greetings once again.  After completing the earlier post today on the second set of the Slaughterhouse Four, I stepped out my front door to see three brand new carvings had just arrived.  I was supposed to go out golfing, but I am too excited and had to share these with you immediately!

These came from Ed in Napa, California.  Ed has to be the quickest deal maker and shipper out there.  My first contact came from him three days ago and the carvings are already here.  Kudos to Ed for selling them to me and for being a true stand up guy! Ed, you're the man!!!

Ed is also the man because each carving is a brand new one added to the collection.  That is, I did not own any of these until today!  I am so thankful.

First we have one I thought I owned, but had not seen a picture of it from Ed.  He described it as a Hobo with the Wall Street Journal.  Since I do not know Duff Tweed's name for this carving, we're calling it Wall Street Journal Hobo. (how original, eh?)  This carving is the cool of cool, now one of my favorites!
Similar to "The Cheater" Duff inserted paper behind the carving instead of linen.  In this case he pieced together cuttings from the Wall Street Journal dated April 10th and 11th, 1973.

Next I am proud to share what we're calling the "Yachtsman with Flags".  Yeah, I know, how original once again, but when I learn the true names for these, I'll update them properly in this blog.  This carving was most likely part of a series which included another carving of a man holding a life preserver ring previously posted in this blog.  Boy, does he look happy!!!

Last, but certainly not least is "Damn I'm Good" which is a Duff Tweed carving of a tennis player.  I have another one of these on its way which I actually have a great story to share from the seller, Kris.  I'll share that story in a future post when the other carving arrives.

Thanks for taking the time to view these.  Really hope you enjoyed them.  As always, your Tweed stories and Duffy pictures are most welcomed and appreciated.

All the best!

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