Thursday, September 23, 2010

Duff Tweed - Three Golfers with Wood Golf Clubs - Latest Addition to the collection

Hello again and welcome to new readers. 

I had no idea I would be writing so soon after just posting "Damn I'm Good",  Duff Tweed's Tennis Player carving, to share the latest addition to the Duff Tweed carvings collection.  September 2010 has been our busiest month ever!   We have no idea how it will end, but it has certainly started with a bang and shows no signs of slowing down.

Two days ago was my first contact with Dan in Los Alamitos, California.  Dan acquired this Duff Tweed set of three golfers about one year ago.  While working with a friend to clear out an apartment he was asked to get rid of a bunch of items and believe it or not, one of those items was this set of three Duffalicious carvings.  Dan immediately took a liking to it and recognized the skill that went into creating these wonderful golfers.  We talked today and he was kind enough to allow me to purchase and include it in the collecton.  Thanks Dan . . . really appreciate having this one in the collection and here's why.

First, check out these guys and the great vintage paint job on them (below).  If you're a regular reader of this blog, you know I appreciate all the different paint jobs performed on each carving and definitely appreciate finding them with multiple color schemes for sets of three.   After cleaning these up with a damp rag, the paint showed its original luster.
What got me even more excited (and I payed extra for) was the fact that this is the first set of golfers in our collection that are actually holding woods.  All our other Duff Tweed carved sets of golfers have them holding irons. 

Next, while Duff did sign many of his pieces, he did not date them all.  This is the first piece in our collection to show "63" representing the year 1963.  It's actually pretty faint in the picture above (between the two golfers on the right), but I captured and enlarged it below.
I find the further you sit away from your computer screen, the better your eyes focus on this signature.

Now here's a few close-ups of Duff Tweed's three golfers from this set.

Hope you enjoyed your visit today and that we'll be seeing you again soon.

If you get a chace, come back tomorrow or Saturday and I'll have a brand new, never seen before (at least not here) Duff Tweed western style carving.  Don't want to ruin the surprise, so you'll just have to come back.

All the best!

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