Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Duff Tweed Figures just sold September 4, 2010 - Slaughterhouse Four & Double Jigger Jack Grant

Happy September 2010!  Hope you had a great summer!

Well, I thought I'd have more to share over the past month, but people have been so busy this summer.  Let's hope the economy follows suit.  On a hunch, I tried searching Duff Tweed carvings on the internet and saw I was three days late for an auction held in Scottsdale, Arizona. They auctioned not one, but two Duff Tweed framed carvings.  I was fortunate enough to capture the pictures of the actual carvings sold and was subsequently quoted the sale prices for each.  I will share the pictures and prices paid below.

First we have the ever familiar and popular Slaughterhouse Four.  This particular set of four are all on one single frame.  Through my research I have been led to believe that there were only two Slaughterhouse Four sets of carvings affixed to one frame, but that there are many more Slaughterhouse Four carvings in existence.  I now believe there are more than two sets of the four carvings hung on one single frame.  I can verify the existence of at least 6 individual sets of the Slaughterhouse Four carvings, two of which I own.  I'll share the second set I just purchased in the next blog post.

Here's a picture of the Slaughterhouse Four that just sold on September 4, 2010:
The person who purchased these, got the deal of the decade.  The auction house reported that this set of the Slaughterhouse Four sold for $375.   Although I thought the price was low, it is right in line with my quotes of $75-$125 per carving. 

Next we have Double Jigger Jack Grant.  I really would have liked to have picked this one up as he is once again painted in significantly different colors from the one I own.  However, it is important that multiple collectors exist to create market awareness and demand for these pieces. So, kudos to the lucky winner! 

Below on the left is the carving that sold three days ago at auction for $100.  On the right is the one I own (for comparison purposes).

If you look closely, you can really see the differences between the two similar carvings.  I was recently asked by a friend if Duff actually carved each individual carving or are they duplicates.  That question pushed me to closely examine each carving I own.  In some cases I own four of the same carved character (Golfers, of course).  No two are the same.  They look extremely similar at first glance, but as you compare shoes, pants, leg angles, arm angles, facial expressions, hands and clothes, there are unique carves in each.  The same holds true for the two sets of the Slaughterhouse Four I have.  They are all one of a kinds!

New news: I have been in contact with a potential seller who seems like they will end up keeping their two Duff Tweed carvings, but I would like to share them with you in a future post.  So be on the look out for "The Cheater" and "The High Roller".

All the best!
P.S. UPDATE 9-4-10 : After posting this information I was contacted by James, the grand nephew of Duff Tweed who's family owns many of Duff's works.  He confirmed that he owns yet another set of four carvings on one single frame; and yes that set of four is the Slaughterhouse Four.  James' set is of course wrapped and protected in bubble plastic.  I am hopeful that the Tweed family will share some of their hidden Duffy treasures when they feel it is appropriate.  Thank you James for sharing with all of us in Duffyland! 

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