Saturday, August 23, 2014

Duff Tweed's Fishing Couple - Never Before Seen

Welcome back…figured you took the bait from our previous post.  Or maybe you just came back for the hal-i-but?  Casting bad jokes…should have stopped before we started.

Quite some time has passed since we discovered a new piece carved by Duff Tweed.  It’s amazing, but every time we see a fresh piece, it brings back that feeling of being a new collector.  The excitement, the opportunity to grow the collection and the chance to share it with all of you, just makes the entire effort worthwhile.  Honestly, we did go out of our way to acquire this piece.  When we first discussed the price with the seller Greg in San Diego, we incorrectly assumed it was the typical 16-18 inch carving and we offered too low a price for the piece.  We were turned down rather quickly and this got us thinking.

We knew something smelled fishy here, so after examining the pictures of Duff Tweed’s Fishing Couple carving we realized it simply had to be larger.  Greg had informed us if he did not sell it locally in San Diego, California; he would list it on Ebay.  So we inquired about the frame size and the discussions continued.  It’s large!  The frame is 40 inches by 25 inches. We agreed on a price and drove down to San Diego from Los Angeles to meet Greg at 7:30 a.m. to pick up the piece and had joined it with the Duff Tweed Carving family by 10:30 a.m. that morning.  Only once before did we make such a crazy, whirlwind trip.  That was when we acquired our first set of the Slaughterhouse Four. 

The seller, Greg is a very nice and interesting guy.  He finds estate pieces in his spare time and sells them locally or on Ebay.  He is also quite the handy man and I met him at a restaurant where he was doing some construction.  Greg purchased this Duff Tweed Fishing Couple carving for $45.  We paid him multiple times more for it and did so happily.  Greg does well!  LOL  We were fortunate to be able to acquire the piece as many collectors won’t part with their one of a kinds.

You’re going to fall in love with this piece, hook, line and sinker. 

Now presenting…Duff Tweed’s Fishing Couple:

Duff Tweed's Fishing Couple
The first thing that catches your eye is this wonderfully active fisherman standing in the center of the boat. Love the sea going colors Duff used to paint the man.  He actually stands in a very similar position to many of the golfer carvings Duff did over time.  Next we noticed and loved the expression on what we believe to be the fisherman’s wife’s face.  Who else would go fishing with this guy?  Take a look at the fish stuck on her hat while she is completely tangled in fishing line.  She is not loving it, but she is there to support her man.  That’s really why he is so happy!!!  We love the boat in red, white and blue.  It is also neat to have another female carved character as the only other one we have seen is of a female golfer.   Yes, we fell in love with the piece and are grateful to have seen it, let alone add it to the Duff Tweed Carvings collection.

Hope you enjoyed this share and we look forward to bringing you many more over time.

All the best,


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