Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Duff Tweed Carvings Collection - Something Old and Something New

Welcome back Duffers!

I shouldn't actually call you duffers as that is a term used for golfers who can't seem to make good contact with the ball. OH, by the way... Duff Tweed was actually a duffer! Maybe that's why he carved so many golfers.

Welcome back lovers of Duff's work!

We had a wonderful opportunity to pick up five carvings all masterfully carved by Duff Tweed.  It's been a couple of months since we were given this opportunity and have decided to share those carvings with you today.  We would like to thank Shawn in Fontana, California for making these available to us.  Shawn is a super kind lady and it was our pleasure to meet and spend some time with her. The Duff Tweed carvings below were purchased and kept by Shawn's father until his passing.  It was then Shawn's mother who decided to sell the carvings and we worked out a fair deal with Shawn.

Two of the carvings are ones we have shared with you in this blog, but were new additions to the Duff Tweed Carvings collection.  The last three were already part of the collection, but we picked them up as some were in better condition than the ones we already had.  We have not been in the business of buying duplicate carvings which are already a part of the collection.  In this manner we allow new collectors to build their Duffy collections.  We're all in this love of Duff's work together.  The more collectors, the more Mr. Tweed's carvings will increase in demand and value.  As we have always said, we collect because we love.

Let's start with the first two newly added to the collection:
Nothing Serious...The Boss and I just had a little chat - Duff Tweed Carvings
Sorry this one is blurry, I'll have to replace it with a clean picture.  Love this carving!  "Nothing Serious...The Boss and I just had a short chat."  I've had short and long chat's with past employers and it never felt like this!  Well, maybe once or twice.  LOL  There was a little scraping of the paint just to the left of the "bite mark", but other than that he is in excellent condition.  Even the backs still have the original paper completely in tact.  Sorry, no illustrations back there.  Let this be a reminder to you when you are having a bad day, it could always be worse.  Keep on smiling!!!

He Wants it When! - Duff Tweed Carvings
This second carving is obviously well matched with the first above, both depicting the stresses of work in a humorous manner.  This carving reminds me of the old saying, "When the boss asks you to jump, you respond "HOW HIGH" while already jumping."  Love the action in Duff's "He Wants it When!" carving.  Even in a rush, our worker is happy and ready to rise to the occasion.  This piece is in excellent condition and makes a great statement, especially in our times of working harder, longer and faster to meet modern deadlines.  If this carving was made today, it would most likely be of a person sitting in front of a computer, wildly pressing the keys on a keyboard.  Some things change, others never do.  Do what makes you happy and you'll smile morning to night.  Hope you are laboring in a love that brings you satisfaction and fulfillment. 

The next three carvings by Duff have all been previously posted in this blog.  You may wish to peruse past articles to see some of the other carvings not pictured here for a year or two.  Might give you an idea of what you would like to own.  They pop up for sale now and then on Ebay or Craig's List, but most people seem to find them at garage/estate sales and then sell them to me for five to ten times what they paid for them.  That's fine with us...keep em coming, and thank you.

Hobo on a Post - Duff Tweed Carvings

The Happy Golfer - Duff Tweed Carvings

The Low Bidder - Duff Tweed Carvings

We share because we care.  Hope you enjoyed this quick update and we look forward to hearing stories and acquisitions of your Duff Tweed carvings. 

One quick SHOUT OUT to Shawn in Fontana for making these wonderful carvings available to us! Thank you Shawn, we love them!!!

Wishing you all the best!

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