Saturday, August 23, 2014

A Couple of Summer Sales on Ebay

 Hello Duff Tweed Enthusiasts!  Welcome back...we missed you!

We’ve had a rather busy summer here at Duff Tweed Carvings, and wanted to report two individual sales that occurred on Ebay in July and August.  We have had fellow collectors contacting us and sharing their carvings, but all of them have been previously pictured in this blog.

First up we have our favorite three golfers, probably Duff’s most commonly carved set.  As a result, the set does not bring in as much as some of the less common carvings.

This particular set of three, dated 1964, is in well maintained condition with exception of the broken golf club which the seller still had and included in the sale.   The seller kglassgirl had it listed as a “1969” carving, but it sure looks like 1964 to us.  You be the judge.

Bidder              Bid Amount              Bid Time
r***y (7649)      US $102.50              Aug-5-14  19:28 PDT
u***s (1664)     US $100.00              Jul-30-14   13:25 PDT
Starting Price   US $99.00               Jul-29-14   19:52 PDT

As you can see the Duffy golf set sold FORE! $102.50 plus shipping and handling which we estimate to be at least $30 additional.  Hoping a new collector picked it up.  Now we're leaving the Country Club to go to the Yacht club.

Let's now go to the Tweeduff Yacht Club *wink * to visit with one of our oldest and dearest friends which we refer to as the Boatman with a Life Preserver.  How original, eh?  We should really come up with proper names for these characters, but I don’t have the heart to change or distort Duff’s vision for his characters.  (For example, we know the drunkard Duff carved was affectionately named Double Jigger Jack Grant.) This boat guy screams out “Mortie” to me, but for all we know, his name is Gonzo or Willie…so with out further pomp and circumstance, we bring you the Boatman in Blue! 

The piece had some nails missing from the back and a few other issues, but the carving looked to be in OK condition with several nicks in the character.  Remember, these are soft pine wood carvings done over 50 years ago in most cases.  It is amazing how well they hold up over time.  The seller, chazaz2 had this to say about the piece: 

"Got this DUFF TWEED, PASADENA framed carved figure over all measurements are 15-3/4" x 21-3/4" & about 5" thick. What I understand, Duff worked for Disney in the 1960s & 70s. I do not know what this picture was called Boatman?? I found this at an estate sale in their garage & frame has scratches around it & the burlap back ground has stains on it & his hat has some chips on rim of it all as shown & as I found it. The figure is loose & will leave it that way just needs couple screws, holes are there. I understand his work is hard to come by so if you have a collection on him & don't have this one BID."

Bidder                Bid Amount                   Bid Time
u***s (1664)      US $49.40           Aug-08-14   12:32:55 PDT
t***e (458)         US $48.40           Aug-06-14   20:20:41 PDT
Starting Price    US $38.00           Aug-06-14   17:47:00 PDT

Duff Tweed' Boatman with Life Preserver in Blue shirt!

As you can see, he is dressed in a neatly painted blue shirt and anchor logo.  All the previously seen Boatmen with Life Preservers have white painted shirts making this guy a bit more collectible.  Duff Tweed Carvings actually placed the original bid of $48.40 in this auction, but were outbid by a friendly fellow collector and decided to share the wealth and not counter bid.  

You can’t collect ‘em all, and we really want you to go out and be a part of the collecting fun! These carvings are fun to collect, to share and to display.  They seem to get more attention in my home than some of our more contemporary higher priced art.  That’s because there is always some sort of action portrayed in Duff’s works.

In our next post, we’re going fishing for Duff Tweeds.  You won’t want to miss this one!  We’ll be sharing with you a never before seen carving by the Captain of the blog, Duffield Tweed.  Talk about action, this one is full of it.  You’re going to love it. 

Be back real soon!

All the best!


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