Friday, July 2, 2010

Newest Addition to the Duff Tweed Family - Chalkware-Resin Caddie

Hello and welcome new bloggies and welcome back to my ever supportive friends and family! 

Even though it has been difficult locating Duff Tweed carvings for sale, I managed to stumble upon one of the copies on Ebay this month.  I am still unsure of the material they used in these.  It appears to be a heavy resin or possibly a ceramic of some sort.  While this golf caddie has some small nicks I was so thankful to have found him because he now is one of three resin figures I have that exactly match a set of three Duff Tweed wood carvings I have on one frame.

As you can see below, here is the original set of three wood carved golfers by Duff Tweed.  The painting is much different and this one is signed by Duff himself. . .
...and the three below which are the resin copies bear no Duff Tweed signature.  So my assumption is Duff must have allowed a company to copy his figures in a resin and then collected a royalty from each sale.  The resin figures are really neat because of the retro looking colors they used in the paint job.  However, they sell for so inexpensive that I believe they hold little to no monetary value at this time. 
As always,  your stories, experiences, pictures and anything additional you wish to share would be greatly appreciated.  Everyone gets credit for their input and I enjoy immortalizing you in the blog! 

One last note: For those collectors who contact me for values on Duff Tweed carvings, I only do so over the phone, so please leave your telephone number when contacting me and I will call you back promptly. 

Happy Duffing and have a great July 2010!
Happy Independence Day!
All the best!

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