Saturday, July 31, 2010

Another Collector of Duff Tweed Carvings - New to Blog: Tennis Player and Man w/Life Preserver Ring

Hey there, Hi there, Ho there. . .

Hoping and anticipating August 2010 will be a busy month for Duff Tweed carvings collectors.  I have been holding on to the picture below in hopes of a response from Ed (seller of the Poker Players - see post below), but I can only assume he was unable to get in touch with the owner of these great Duff Tweed carvings. 

If you are the owner of these and wish to be credited with ownership of these carvings, please write to me and I will ammend this post to include any information you would like to see.  I'd love to give you credit for them, especially since you own two carvings (below) I have never seen before.  Cool collection!

On the top far left we have "Sue the Bastards" which I have posted previously in this blog, but do not own in my personal collection.  We saw one of these sell on Ebay earlier this year. 

Then to the top center we have two golfers and a caddy which I do own in both original carvings and resin copies, but not with the wood headed golf club as pictured.  You'll notice one player is missing a golf club and the entire set of three is enclosed in plexi-glass.  I am assuming the original frame was in a state of disrepair, so the owner had them reframed to protect them from any further damage.  They look great! 

Then on the top far right we have Double Jigger Jack Grant.  I own Jack Grant too, but this jacket appears to painted in retro red and black colors differing from the one I own.  Love that jacket!

Now for the two I have never seen.

On the lower left we have a man with a life preserver ring.  The piece is signed by Duff Tweed in the lower left corner.  I attempted to crop and increase the size of this carving to the left, but it's showing up a little blurry.  Gotta love his white and blue striped shirt and matching socks and shoes!

Next we have a really nice decked out tennis player also carved and signed by the man himself, Duff Tweed.  I attempted to crop and resize this one too, but it came out more blurry than the picture above.  Sorry!

I have heard Duff did many carvings of sports figures and even some carvings related to war. I actually came across a set of trench carvings on Ebay early this year where the owner claimed them to be Duff Tweeds, but after looking at the pictures, did not believe them to be carved by Duff. They did however look more like the Slaughterhouse Four carvings as they were a shiny darker wood, unpainted but with a laquered finish. I kept the pictures of those carvings, so maybe I'll post them in the future and make sure to indicate I do not know their true origin.

So, until the owner contacts me, I am thanking Ed (quack) once again for having shared this picture with us.  As I always say, sharing is the key to increasing awareness of these fantastic carvings.  They truly are fantastic as they almost seem to come to life before your very eyes.  The action portrayed in each piece tells a story all its own.  Often I have people interpretting meaning in my pieces.  Any piece of art that gets you talking and thinking, is true art!

Happy last day of July 2010!  Hoping to share more Duff Tweed finds in August!
Wishing you all the best!
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