Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Happy Golfer - A Cool Duff Tweed Story

Have a quick story for you . . .

During my hunt for Duff Tweed carvings, I found a picture of the Happy Golfer carving. I own one, but the head of the golf club on mine has been replaced for the lost original. So I inquired and here was the reply I received:

Hey Joe,
I sold my “Happy Golfer” Tweed carving a couple years ago for $150 bucks to someone from back east. I inherited the carving from my dad who played golf with Duff at Riviera Country Club in LA in the fifties. I realize now that I need to remove the Tweed carving from an old website offering I put up long ago. Yikes! Anyway, You’ve got an original Tweed and there aren’t that many out there, especially the golf themed carvings. He did a lot more cowboy and Indian themed things that are mostly now owned by various private collectors. Good luck and happy “Tweed” hunting!
Later on,
Dick in Northern California

I thanked Dick for his story and shared this blog address with him. He then sent an even better story about Duff and his father. The story relates directly to the acquisition of the Happy Golfer carving.

Hey Joe.
Checked yer website . . . Wow! You’ve found a lot more golf related Tweed carvings than I knew existed, and so cool to re-trace Duff’s history, etc. as well. The folks I’ve corresponded with have mostly been collectors of Tweed’s western themed stuff.

To add a couple more details to the story about my father’s acquisition of the “Happy Golfer” carving. Both Duff and my Father were members of Riviera Country Club (a venue for major golf tournaments then & today as well as a very tough course) during the early fifties thru the early to mid sixties and often played golf together. My father owned a real estate investment company and Duff was a professional artist at Disney. My father was a very good player (3 handicap) and Duff was – well shall we say a “duffer.” According to Pop, they played a round one day and decided to do some betting. Pop gave Duff several strokes and at the end of the round Pop came out on top. Instead of money, Duff offered to give my Dad a golfer carving, which he gladly and happily accepted! This, of course, turned out to be the “Happy Golfer” carving.
Anyway . . . there it is for now. Keep on keepin’ on!

 Dick in Northern California

You have to love the “duffer” comment. I figured Duff had to be a golfer with all the carvings I found related to golf, but it’s wonderful to have confirmation from someone who actually knew him.

I want to extend my sincerest thanks to Dick in northern California for sharing a piece of his and his father’s life with us. Through sharing one of his family’s Duffy experiences, we all benefit from the additional knowledge of this artist whose works and efforts will continue to be appreciated for decades to come.

In honor of Dick and his Dad,
Keep on, keepin' on bringing those Duffalicious tales!

All the best!

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