Friday, July 12, 2013

The Low Bidder Wins Duff Tweed's "The Low Bidder" - Say Whaaaat?

Wow!  We cannot believe we are back again and in the same day!  It’s feast or famine when it comes to Duff Tweed and the collectors of his carvings.  Months of nothing and BAM, three posts in a day!  Our minds must all be on the same wave length!!!  Going to get a little mystical on you here.

Earlier today we were on the phone with a friend who wished us to seek out a specific Duff Tweed carving already in our collection.  I have always told this friend (Mark) that if he wants something, he has to put it out into the universe.  So he calls me and makes his requests out loud.  Please be patient with me, this is leading somewhere good…

There is a somewhat obscure and hard to find book called The Game of Life and How to Play It.  When read it discusses the power of the spoken word.  Some may see it as religious in nature, but we read the book in a purely practical manner acknowledging a higher force, but not attempting to name that force.  The practice works and does so extremely well, so, just be careful what you ask for!  I used the practice to get parking spots when I was in sales or make little miracles happen, but nothing greedy or harmful to others.  Part of the realization of miracles is being aware that they are happening and not letting them blindly pass you by.  My sister-in-law Sheryl actually located the book at the same exact time I had been looking for it, unbeknownst to either of us.  My wife Andrea happened to be speaking with her that day and learned her sister had spent hours in the library copying this book as they would not loan the book out of the library.  There is a great deal of unexplained phenomena around how I came to find this book and the teachings within. Enough said. . .now to make sense of all of this.

Once in the past my friend Mark “put out his request” to the universe for a specific Duff Tweed carving of a Beer Drinking Fisherman.  The very next day I was contacted by a seller with that exact carving and several others.  Mark now owns that very cool carving.  Duff Tweed Carvings owns a carving of it as well.  We have only seen this particular carving once before and the seller would not part with it.

Today I spoke with Mark again.  He says to me, “Where is my Duff Tweed carving?”  I laughed and replied, “You have to put it out into the universe if you really want it.”  So he did and we said good bye and hung up the phone.  About one hour later I was contacted by Patrice and she shared the exact Duff Tweed carving Mark “requested”.  Now, this is not to say Patrice will sell her carving to Mark, but you have to marvel at how quickly the piece he sought out revealed itself.  You can tell me this is wild coincidence once, but not twice.  And further, it has worked for me personally for over 15 years on a daily basis. 

Now to address the title of this blog entry.  It turns out Patrice actually won this Duffy carving in a silent auction and she was the low bidder, thus The Low Bidder Wins “The Low Bidder”.  She shares her story below:

“Hi Joe
I recently came across a Duff Tweed carving that I bought at a silent auction a few years ago.  It was a charitable event for breast cancer and although I had never heard of Duff Tweed, I thought it was a unique piece.  Obviously, no one else was as impressed as I was because there were no other bids on it and I won the auction for $35.  The friends I attended with asked where I would possibly hang something that ugly (apologies to Mr. Tweed) and even though I didn’t agree with their taste, I never did find a spot for it.

Well, I came across it yesterday while cleaning my spare closet and decided to Google the name to see if anyone else was familiar with his work.  That was how I found your blog page and was surprised to see that DT had carved some other pieces called ‘The Low Bidder’ (although, as you can see from the attached pictures, mine is a little different.)  Anyway, I cleared a space on the wall in my den and hung it up.  Guess what?  I still like it!

Thanks for all the interesting tidbits about this artist’s creative work.  Hope the pictures are clear enough!


Patrice, the pictures are wonderful and thank you for sharing them along with your story.  Here is a huge and appreciative shout out to Patrice for sharing her less often seen Low Bidder carving!  We love it! Thank you!!!

  I love Patrice's comment about how ugly her friends thought the carving was.  I said it to her and I'll say it to all of you, it takes a special person and a keen eye to recognize the talent in Duff's work.  Sure they look neat, but there are a few of us that just fall in love with Duff's carvings.  They are Disneyesque yet still unique in nature. Duffy enthusiasts, please see Patrice's pristine carving of the Low Bidder in a barrel below:

Patrice also included the bio taped to the back of the piece. We have seen these quite often taped to the back of Duff's carvings.  I learned in recent years that Duff himself included them on the back of his later pieces. Patrice's paper and carving look extremely well preserved or the bio could be a reprinted version to replace a tattered version.  
Auctioneers! Uugh! Hehehe.

One more appreciative shout out to Patrice:  
THANK YOU PATRICE!  Thank you for sharing your story and truly Duffy carving with the world.  May The Low Bidder be good company to you for many healthy years to come! :-)

All the best!

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