Thursday, July 18, 2013

Duff Tweed's Stocky Golfer Purchased on Ebay for $10

Welcome back Duffy lovers!

July 2013 is shaping up to be one of the biggest months we have had related to Duff Tweed carvings discovered, purchased and shared.  We thank all of you who have shared and shown interest in the carvings discussed.  

We even had two different Facebook comments from FB friends, one asking how many Slaughterhouse Four sets of the four carvings actually exist.  We guessed that the number may be close to 15 sets in total. 
Folks, that is a 100% guess, but it does come with a bit of knowledge.  We own three full sets plus one individual unframed member dated 1960 on the back. (THAT'S 3)  There are at least three other people who own the set of four all on one frame, then there's the set my friend in Simi Valley purchased from the Roy Rogers museum (signed by Duff to Roy, HOW cool!) (THAT'S 7) and finally a set shared with me of all four on individual frames which were two tone in color and very beautifully waxed finished. (THAT'S 8) Now, we realize there are quite a few people who have researched Duff Tweeds work, but the single most common comment we receive is that the owner of the carvings researched them years ago and found nothing.  Then on a whim they decided to try it again and WHAM, they now find five to six full search pages on the internet covering Duff Tweed and his carvings.  There are one or two blogs that display some of his illustrations when Duff was with Disney.  With that said, we are sure there are quite a few other owners of Duff Tweed carvings that simply have not started or revisited their search. We'll be here when they do!

Let's get to the topic of this post already!  The Stocky golfer, or as the seller on Ebay listed him "Old Mean Golfer" is not a carving.  He is a chalkware or resin copy of Duff's carving.  We own the carving several times over in wood as well as in this chalkware/resin material.  He is rather heavy and seems to always be painted in the same yellow, green and orange colors.  This makes us believe they were all made by one company/manufacturer and definitely had Duff''s approval as mentioned in a previous post in this blog.  

Being a collector, buyer, researcher and ever so often reseller of Duff Tweed carvings, we are tickled when we actually find such a great deal.  Normally we pay the highest price in the market for these carvings, but it has allowed us to amass a well rounded collection of Duff's work that truly displays his interest in the Depression era (Hobo's and Drunkards), multiple sports and leisure activities, Western characters, and musicians.  Our research has found a fully carved seated guitarist lamp and a full carved figure of an old man balancing two buckets of water over his back on a long stick (one on each end).  We still do not know if Duff commissioned a company to make these or he simply hired someone to make the copies and he then sold them.  If you know, we'd love to hear from you.

T   H   E       S   T   O   C   K   Y       G   O   L   F   E   R
Not the most handsome golfer you've seen!
Below you can see how they formed the metal hanger directly into the material virtually guaranteeing the piece would not fall when hung. (Well, except in California when we shake, rattle and roll!)
Purchased 7-17-13 on EBAY for $10 + $15.67 shipping and handling.
Really just want to say thanks to my fellow collectors: "Love when you share, it shows that you care and even though we're apart, we appreciate the same Duffy art!"

All the best!

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