Saturday, September 3, 2011

Duff Tweed’s Two Laughing Golfers and Sailor with Life Preserver

Hello.  Hope you had a wonderful relaxing summer.  It’s September 2011 and we’re back to the grind!

In our previous post we shared Ross Carr’s Duff Tweed collection of which we had acquired several pieces.  Well, after our original Duffy acquisitions we decided to add another three carvings to the Duff Tweed Carvings collection.  We had very specific reasons for adding each of the three carvings to the collection.

Duff Tweed’s Laughing Golfers

The moment we saw these two happy duffers, we knew they had to be added to the collection.  We have never seen these two particular carvings anywhere and they have increased the count to fifteen individually unique golfer carvings done by Duff Tweed.  Some time in the near future we will do a post and share all 15 different golfers so you can see them together.   However, for now we will continue to share our “never before seen” Duff Tweed carvings, which continue to pop up out of the “woodwork”.

We really appreciate how Duff painted these guys and the expression on their faces is just perfect.  
We love the striped pants in the picture above. Just classic!

Now we have one more surprise for you.  The Duff Tweed carving below of the Sailor with Life Preserver is one we already have in the collection, but we added this one for several reasons.

First, you’ll immediately notice that Duff signed the front of the piece in RED ink.  We have seen over one hundred of Duff’s carvings and not a single one was signed in red ink.  What really got us interested in the piece, was what had been added on the reverse side.

When Duff dedicated his work to his buyers, he typically drew one (or zero) Disney character illustration on the back of his carvings. Take a look below and check out all three close-up illustrations completed in red ink of some of the most recognizable Disney characters of that era.  As it is a rare experience to come across any of Duff’s Disney illustrations, we truly feel honored to have added this wonderful piece to the collection.
Please come back soon and visit as we have two more posts coming soon.  The first is an interview with Ron Urschel of Nevada who used to have Duff Tweed come visit him when he was a young child.  You won't want to miss it.  The next post will be of three never before seen Duff Tweed carvings which you also won't want to miss.  Until then, wishing you all a wonderful Fall 2011!

All the best!

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