Thursday, September 8, 2011

Duff Tweed's Three Painted Western Musicians

As promised, we're back and truly excited to share the newest additions to the Duff Tweed Carvings collection.

Before you see the latest and greatest Duff Tweed carvings added to the collection, we thought we'd share the little we do know about these carvings.  

They were purchased from John in N.W. Pennsylvania.  John drove a hard deal, but we just had to have these and are so grateful for his willingness to allow us to add them to the collection.  Apparently, John picked up the set of three carvings through an auction house in 1991.  If I understood him correctly, a friend of John's went to the home a family in the midst of divorce in Phoenix, Arizona in 1991.  The original owner of the carvings allowed John's friend to go into the basement of their home and take what he wanted, surely for a small price.  In any event, his friend sold them through a local auction house and when John saw them his only thought was, "These are Disneyesque, they must have some association with Walt Disney."  John's suspicions were confirmed when he learned the artist was none other than Duff Tweed, the hero of our blog! Rah Rah Duff! Hehehe.

So, without further fanfare, here are Duff Tweed's Three Painted Western Musicians.

Don't you just love them?  We are personally into golf and as a result interested in golf carvings, but something about Duff's western carvings display action, motion, humor and just an artistry that is richly and solely Duff!  They're duffaliscious and we believe Duff put more effort into creating the western carvings even though he played and enjoyed golf.  With that said, asking us which is our favorite is like asking a four year old what they're favorite ice cream flavor is at Baskin Robbins. We love them all and each new carving discovered is like finding buried treasure.  Enough said. . . enjoy the remainder of the photos below.

Hope you enjoyed these carvings as much as we have.  Sending out a big SHOUT OUT to John in PA!!! Thank you!
Until we meet again . . .
All the best!

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