Saturday, June 25, 2011

Duff Tweed Sheds a Little Light on the Subject

June 2011 is heating up fast!

Temperatures are rising throughout the country and so are the number of available wood carvings by Duff Tweed.  We have been contacted by more sellers than in any previous month since the blog was born.  

Before we get to the recent additions to the Duff Tweed Carvings collection which will be posted in a subsequent blog entry, we wanted to share a really neat Duff Tweed carving which comes to us from Gary at the Rust Trap Ranch.  From our extensive research, we know Duff made carvings of self standing figures.  One we know of from a written article was of a man holding two water buckets over his back with the aid of a stick.  Gary has been collecting Duff's work years before we were even aware of his existence, so Gary took advantage of an opportunity years ago to pick up one of his first pieces.

Take a look below and check out this cool cowboy/musician lamp carved by none other than Duff Tweed:
We normally crop pictures, but the background at the Rust Trap Ranch looked so Western, the lamp just fit right in!  This piece definitely falls into the Slaughterhouse Four era (see older posts).  Who knows, this lamp may pre-date the creation of the Slaughterhouse Four wood carvings.  The only way to know for sure would to have one of the family members of Duff's estate contact us and let us know.  We suspect Duff carved all kinds of different topics with particular interest in Hobos, Golfers and Cowboys.  We now know from this piece and some others we have researched that Duff also carved self standing figures.

Here are a few more pictures of the Cowboy Lamp . . .
As you can see, the figure on the lamp looks just like the other carvings from the Slaughterhouse Four.  What a great find!

A big heart felt thank you goes out to Gary at the Rust Trap Ranch.  Thank you for sharing your unique Duff Tweed carving lamp with us and the countless readers who will find this blog over the years to come.

All the best!
P.S. We had just under 3,000 page views as of last month.  Thank you for your interest, sharing stories and being a part of the Duff Tweed collecting community.

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