Monday, April 11, 2011

Roy Rogers' owned Slaughterhouse Four auctioned for $1,500 at Live April 9, 2011

Howdy Partners and Fellow Collectors . . .

This week Duff Tweed's Slaughterhouse Four carvings sold in auction for $1,500 or $375 per carving!  Due to the fact that this particular set was previously owned by Roy Rogers, we believe the higher sale price was in large part attributed to his ownership.  Keep in mind there are additional fees associated with purchasing through an auction house, so the final cost to the new owner is considerably greater than $1,500 in total, not including shipping

Here's what the auction house had to say on this set of four Duff Tweed carvings:

Roy Rogers' Set of 4 Duff Tweed Carvings RR

Lot #357 Sold For $1,500 – April 9, 2011


"Slaughterhouse 4" carvings By Duff Tweed for Roy Rogers Personally, One Has a Handwritten Letter Describing the Characters Carved From Real Life Characters From Mesa Arizona, Slim Reese, Old Dad Peterson, Fat Henderson and Jack Harris. Each measures 20" x 26". Were displayed with Roy's guitar collection in the museum.

 If you would like to go see the auction results and additional pictures of Roy Rogers' Slaughterhouse Four, click here:    You will have to sign up at Live, but it’s free!  Not sure how long they will keep the auction results with pictures posted, but we did capture one picture above of the set Roy Rogers previously owned.

It is very exciting for us and I am sure for all Duff Tweed carvings collectors to see increasing values on these wonderful treasures.  The fact that the set of four was personally dedicated to Roy Rogers by Duff Tweed only adds to its intrinsic and monetary value.  

We and the collectors we know, collect Tweed's carvings because we love Duff's work and not for some future monetary payoff, although the fact that they have been selling for more only confirms the quality of his artistry.  

If I were reading this entry, I would be asking myself, did Duff Tweed Carvings bid on the set?  Our answer is, No.  We already own two full sets of the Slaughterhouse Four.  A fellow collector previously mentioned in this blog (Rust Trap Ranch) placed a strong bid for the set and we did not wish to compete with that friend.  It was Rust Trap who originally alerted us to this auction.  We felt he should be given every opportunity to add them to his collection.

We would like to congratulate the winner/new owner of the Slaughterhouse Four carvings and welcome you to write to us and share.  That's what we do here, so please accept our humble invitation.

In closing, it has come to our attention that some of the new readers of the Duff Tweed blog didn't realize they could go back and read all the old posts.  Just click a year and all the previous posts display by month written.  Please do so in your free time as we have shared history, pictures, past sales prices on Duff's carvings and more.

It's warming up out there, so hope you're all getting out and enjoying Spring 2011!

All the best!

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